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Elder Davis was born to John S. Davis and Gustoria Davis, September 15, 1948 in West Point Mississippi.  He is the oldest of nine children.  Elder Davis moved to Indianapolis with his parents when he was four years old.  They lived on the northwest side of Indianapolis and he attended IPS #36.  Later the family moved to the south side of Indianapolis where he attended Manual High School, graduating in 1967.  In April of 1968, John Davis was drafted into the US Army, where he served a tour in South Vietnam.  He moved up through the ranks and was promoted to Sergeant.  In 1968, he married his high school sweetheart, Vernica Pinner.  To this union was born four daughters and one son.  

After an honorable discharge from the Army in 1970 John Davis and his new family bought a home on the South side of Indianapolis.  He attended Ivy Tech State College and was employed by General Motors in 1972.  Even though John Davis' mother was a faithful member of the COGIC, he was not saved and his life took on several different personalities - trying to cope with just being out of the war, a family and responsibilities, hanging out with friends and doing his own thing.  During this period, there were some extreme conditions in his life.  God will allow Satan to take us through some things in our life in order for us to call on Him.  So it was with John Davis. 

 In December of 1990, he called upon the Lord and The Lord heard his cry.  He came to the church (Sanders Temple COGIC) to turn his life around and to be saved.  In April 1991, John Davis was saved and filled with the Holy Ghost.  As a result, his life has been truly blessed.  

Even through  the lost of his Mother and Father, God has taken him through and given him strength to be able to say with confidence that God is able. According to Elder Davis, "God has done the unthinkable".  He now Pastors one of the greatest church's in the Church of God In Christ and the largest COGIC church in Indianapolis.  His Vision for the church that Elder and Mother Sanders founded is to take it into the New Millennium with a Renewed Love for God. It is our goal to be equipped to Win Souls for Christ and our children would serve God in the Beauty of Holiness.  In so doing, we will be able to do as Elder James told us, "Little Children, Take The City."